Too Quick for a Picture

Today, Benedict stood on his own for a few seconds. By stood on his own, I mean stood up from a sitting position in the middle of the floor, with no help at all! It only lasted a few seconds, but it happened.  I have also been watching him attempt to take steps on his own too. He is cruising the furniture like nothin’ so I imagine walking on his own will happen soon.

He also has adapted a new crawling style. Yesterday, he got up on all fours (hands and feet) and crawled across the floor like that. In the morning, he was pretty miserable during Mass and had to be taken out. He just wanted to be held and whined if I tried to set him down. When we got home, we discovered a fifth tooth! Where did Baby Benedict go?

Maybe he will stand tall on his own soon and I could get some pictures for you all!



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