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I have been talking about eShakti for a while now and I hope I do not bore you all to death. Here is another dress I ordered and plan on wearing to the wedding we are attending next month. It fits so perfectly and is a nice light-weight material, perfect for summer! (Or, if you live in the South, for most of the year!)

It is slightly wrinkled, even after smoothing things out. Does anyone have any suggestions for helping to keep the dress from wrinkling when I sit?


We had a ton of rain last week, a total of 4.69 inches fell in just over 48 hours. This was Friday evening, after the rain stopped for a bit. As you can see, we are the cool parents. Well, it was actually Joshua’s idea to let the kids run around in the puddles. They loved it!


I hope Benedict forever has funny smiles and great squeals!

I think he is trying to lead the marching band through the water puddle.


Yes, real(ly) pretty, real(ly) happy, real(ly) funny and real(ly) real.

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  1. The kids are getting so big! I can’t wait to see you all next month. 🙂

  2. those puddles look like so much fun!

  3. Getting a dress that actually fits is truly a miracle! I like the one you chose — pretty color. I think that some fabrics just wrinkle more than others.
    For me, the selling point on these clothes would be that you can get a different length! So many dresses today are cute but too short for comfort, even if one is super thin and young, which I’m not 🙂

  4. Leila, yes! The custom sizing and the different lengths was a big selling point for me also. Some dresses I have seen out there are no more than shirts. My husband and I were out at the store one day when a lady in a sweater dress walked by. My husband, was shocked and said that it looked like she forgot her pants at home. (I love that man.)

    Hope, the kids though they were in heaven with the puddles.

    Patty, they are looking forward to seeing you too! (As are their parents.)

  5. Beth!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress! It looks great on you!

    ( oh yeah, and your kids are cute too. 🙂 )

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