God is Good.

Today, we spent time at our new friend’s the Schay’s house. Their little baby, Alan was baptized today! Yeah, a new soul for Christ. Karol loves that little guy too, loves him. For Baby Alan, Karol drew a picture of Our Lady and Jesus (with a crown of thorns) and gave it to him at the party.

The kids ran and played and ran and played some more while we were over there. We headed home after a few hours but stopped to pick up milk on the way. While Joshua and I were getting dinner together, Karol took the compost bucket out to the pile (that is one of his chores) then came running back in crying and saying “Snake!”.

Joshua went out to investigate and I followed. There, mere feet from the compost pile was a snake of unknown order, coiled up and looking very menacing. Karol had dropped the bucket probably four feet from the snake when he discovered it, to make his run for it, and for that I am eternally thankful. Joshua grabbed a shovel and killed the snake then Karol told us what happened when he saw the snake. From what he said, the snake opened his mouth at Karol, {shudder.}

I know Karol’s Guardian Angel was working triple time today as the snake, we are pretty sure was a water moccasin, which are very poisonous.


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  1. YEEEEESH! You’ve reconfirmed my desire to move back to Maine where there are NO venomous snakes…at all!!!

  2. Wow! That’s scary. I’m so glad he’s unharmed!

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