Christmas Card Giveaway!

 **Winner Announcement!**

At 9 pm last night, I closed comments then printed them off. I cut each of them out and put them in a bowl. The bowl sat next to me for a while as I did some work, mostly because I was procrastinating picking a winner, I wanted ALL of you to win. In the end I had Joshua pull the name and he picked

(drum roll please!)



For the rest of you all (who commented!), I have a special deal, you can order anything from the Impressus Art page* for 20% off. Keep in mind that shipping is included in all the prices. To get the discount, please email me your order at catholicmumma at gmail dot net and I will let you know how to pay and your total!

(*Joshua is working on getting a discount code for our store)


You may or may not know that my husband, Joshua, in addition to all the things he does has a graphic design business,  Impressus Art*.  Joshua has very generously allowed me to hold a Christmas Card giveaway. The winner of the giveaway will win 50 Christmas Cards (your pick, they can all be the same or mix and match)

Here are the details:

1.  Click here to view the different designs.

2. To enter, leave a comment in the combox (be sure to leave contact information so I can get a hold of you).

3.  For a second entry, share this post with someone else and leave a second comment to let me know you did.

4.  The giveaway will be held open until December 6 at 9:00 pm (Eastern Time).

5.  The winners will be announced and contacted on December 7.


Thank you and Happy Advent!


*Feel free to click around his site and look at the things he has to offer.*





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  1. OOoo a giveaway! What fun!! And such beautiful art too!

    Put me in twice. I’ll go post this on my blog and you can check to make sure I do! :o)

  2. I especially like the first two cards!

  3. There…I just shared it on Facebook for a second entry. I hope you get lots of new customers from this promotion!

  4. Enter me twice, too! I also shared on Facebook, and even copied Patty’s share quote (thanks, Patty!) They look beautiful!

  5. JMJ

    Oh, Beth, they are so beautiful!!!!

    God bless,

  6. JMJ

    Hey Beth,
    I just sent an e-mail to my homeschooling group in Evansville with a link to your blog.


  7. Thanks for the reminder, Beth! I’ve been meaning to enter! Thanks!

  8. Entered. What wonderful cards – J does a great job!

  9. shared on Facebook. I love them all!

  10. Yay! A giveaway! 🙂 Bonus that it’s beautiful work!

  11. I just posted it on FB! 🙂

  12. Wow, beautiful work! I had almost decided not to send cards out this year, but mostly because it’s hard to find really good Catholic cards. Your husband’s work is stunning!

  13. God bless you both in your good work. I am shy of competition, but I do hope these cards make wide circulation. Merry Christmas!

  14. Pick me! Pick me!

    P.S. – I posted a link on my blog. 🙂

  15. Oh, so pretty! I always look for truly religious ones to give to my students.

  16. Andrea sent me over for this giveaway. Thanks for the chance! Oh, she says, “Hi!”

  17. Love the linen designs. Good luck to everyone.

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