Weekend Update!

So we grilled our turkey and let me tell you, it was awesome, awesome, like totally awesome. We will probably do it like that again next year.

On to bigger and better things. We ordered chickens this week and starting in January, we will have 15 chickens hanging around the house! The kids and Joshua are looking forward to them, I am a bit apprehensive, only because I am not a fan of animals, manual labor or smelly things. I think I will get to like it better when I have fresh eggs everyday.

Our mailbox was hit last week, probably on Sunday night, so we did not get mail for two days (on Wednesday the mailman brought it to the house). Joshua spent a good three hours working on beating the dent out then remounting it on Friday, it looks almost good as new.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent and this morning, at mass, we sang my children’s favorite Advent song, “O Come Divine Messiah”. Margaret sang it very loudly and she drowned the rest of the pew out. She also got looks from the people in front of us, looks of joy, I am sure.

The biggest news of the weekend though was the new translation! Oh my, was that wonderful. Yes it was bumpy with the responses, but the prayers oh, those were so beautiful! I can only say that I was so excited about the new translation this morning, my fingertips were tingling. No really. I have been looking forward to this for years and to have this day finally come, it was just wonderful. Did you listen, did you hear the differences? Did the prayers help you reach toward heaven just a bit more?




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