I believe, Mr. Santorum, you were elected, in some part, on your pro-life convictions, therefore, you should have stood up and said that you would not vote for a budget that funded any sort of abortifacient birth control and voted no, it’s called INTEGRITY.

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  1. Joshua, I feel so sorry for you small-minded haters. You certainly aren’t following the teachings of Christ by going around judging and bashing good men like Rick Santorum. You give Ron Paul all sorts of room to double-back on his word. You insist that the readers see what Ron Paul “really meant” by twisting his words to fit your agenda, yet you don’t give any room for explanation with Rick Santorum. He is a good, Catholic man. He is, as the rest of us (yourselves excluded of course), on a journey to the truth. Aside from the Facemyers, the rest of us are not perfect and don’t have ALL the answers to EVERYTHINNG. We are learning and growing in our faith – not perfectfly formed. You people need to stop the self-righteous hate campaign you have going against anyone who remotely disagrees with you. It’s ugly, anti-Christian and sad. This used to be a nice blog to read before Joshua turned it into his personal soapbox of hateful assaults. Man up, respect your wife and let her get back to sharing the beauty of motherhood with us. We are sick of your political views.

    • It’s very interesting that I’ve only posted one thing thus far on this blog, and yet there is an outlash of hatred against me for somehow turning this blog into my soapbox. I thought I was only posting something at the request of my wife (who is highly respected by me for her independent and tireless effort to inform me and others of the evidence to the truth about these political matters.)

      If you have a problem with the things that are presented here, the best way to counter them is by sane debate, showing evidence that disproves that which has been given. Unfortunately, when it comes down to the wire, there are few salient points made to contradict the evidence that Santorum by far not the best candidate for a moral vote. If you have some evidence to the contrary, feel free to share it appropriately.

      At this point, all you’ve done is made yourself look like a crazy anti-Ron-Paul Santorum fanboi who ignores the Church’s clear directives to make room for your chosen personal savior. This is particularly evident by the fact that you’re hiding behind a pseudonym. By the way, it’s apparent who you are – but you must think we’re stupid enough not to be able to find that out. Both of these facts show how much you respect me and, especially, my wife.

      I don’t generally have much in the way of anger for anyone – usually I’m more confused by the lack of intelligence that’s shown by people when they make backflips to justify all sorts of things for their candidate. I pray frequently to know whether what I understand is correct or not (because I am certainly not the source of truth), and if you have something which will serve to enlighten me, feel free to offer it.

      I seriously doubt any of the points made in this post or in this comment will be rationally argued. All that will be given are vague intimations that “Ron Paul is a bad man because he’s bad” and “Santorum is a wonderful saint because I said so”. Of course, many readers will disagree, and they will make all sorts of arguments in their heads about why that is not the case, but it is. I’ve yet to see an argument that contradicts the evidence given against Santorum’s pretend pro-life stance. How do you explain his vote funding Title X? How do you defend the killing of innocent children by unjust war? Is it the fact that some of them are Muslim? Seriously, I want to have real answers to these questions!

      But I’m sure I won’t see them.

      You obviously know that I’m a horrible Catholic, and apparently you are a paragon of virtue, so maybe I should just defer to you and your personal magisterium. However, as far as I understand it, we are supposed to defend the truth. Are you telling me I should stop defending the truth after I find it (or at least have the moral certitude that I have?) I’m following my conscience here, which is, as St. Thomas and the Church teach, to be the principle motivation for moral action. But you’re telling me to abandon my conscience and abandon the evidence. That’s certainly not a Christian stance.

      And this blog wouldn’t be about beautiful Catholic things if it weren’t also about horrible realities. It’s the world we live in. You don’t just get rainbows and sunshine – you get feces and vomit too, and the truth is found in all of it.

      We’ll continue to give the evidence that’s available (and usually ignored) here and everywhere until we find convincing contrary evidence or until people stop spreading lies. The evidence says that the concept “Santorum is pro-life” is an absolute lie. He votes and acts in ways that kill children. Period.

      I’ve given evidence why Ron Paul has not done anything which kills children, even if the evidence is continually ignored.

      In the end, the choice is yours whether you want to accept the lies of the establishment government media machine, or look to the facts. And if you can provide me with reasons that the evidence is falsely contrived, I’m all ears.

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