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Two weeks ago, we went to the Okefenokee Swamp and took a 90 minute boat tour of the swamp, here the kids are, ready for anything. (we did see a few alligators and a few herons.)


Have you ever said “I’m going to start going to bed early.”, only find yourself unable to do so, or with so many things to do, you just cannot get in bed before 11? That was me last night. My coffee was a beautiful sight this morning!



Ah, coffee with cream, perfect.


Karol doing science and Margaret working on Mathmanatics (her word). I started her with the subject yesterday and she has worked through almost 40 (yes forty) pages!



I put potty pants on Benedict during the day, to help aid in potty training. These ones were sliding down his legs just a bit, so I told him to pull them up. He instead pulled them off and put them on his head. Yeah, that’s my boy.



Laundry. I have gotten a bit behind and this weekend is full of things to go and do, so I am working on getting it all caught up today. These are the clothes from the kids. I was theirs separably from us, so that folding and putting away is easier. (that also means I have a total of six loads to do, plus diapers later!)

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  1. Hey! What happened to your photos? This post sounds good! 🙂

    • Lisa! They should be there, I see them on my computer.

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