Yeah, let’s just not count those votes…

“The totals reflected about 84 percent of the state’s precincts. Webster insisted that any caucus results that come in after Saturday wouldn’t be counted no matter how close the vote. “Some caucuses decided not to participate in this poll and will caucus after this announcement,” Webster said. “Their results will not be factored in. The absent votes will not be factored into this announcement after the fact.”

That is not how the Maine Caucuses work!,_2012

The 2012 Maine Republican caucuses will be held from January to March, 2012, at various locations throughout the state of Maine. The Maine Republican Party is encouraging all municipal committees to hold their caucuses between February 4th to the 11th, though each committee is free to choose a different date.The first caucus was in Waldo county on January 29th, and the last one in Hancock on March 3rd.

So, did the Maine GOP disenfranchise a whole segment of the population? Regardless of who you support in Maine, votes are votes and they need to be counted.

For the record, this has nothing to do w/Ron Paul, I promise! It is my disgust over the fact that the GOP in Maine is changing the rules mid -game.

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