Potty Training

Seeings as God sees fit to make me wait for another child (I am learning to be patient and trust in God’s will, even when it comes to the “I want another child” side of fertility…no charting either way) we are getting a move on potty training Benedict.

I usually put a snap diaper or training pants on him during the day. Yesterday, during a trip to T.arget, I purchased him some more training pants, ones with cute little dinosaurs on them. We put them on him today and he seemed to do pretty well, accidents left and right, but it is more the point that we learn his cues for bathroom needs.

I learned one of them this afternoon. If he crawls all over me and tries to sit on my lap, remove anything in his way and sit in the middle of my belly/chest, that means he is poopy.

Thanks Benedict.

I am looking forward to having him potty trained though. We don’t put time limits on the kids and we are content with however long it takes and are more than willing to deal with the messes, so I know this may be a long road.

*As a side, it is COLD here in South Georgia. We have a hard freeze warning for tonight and tomorrow. Guess who did their out door planting and has little seedlings to go cover up tonight. I might actually turn the heat pump on tonight to keep the house warm.

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