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I saw this earlier today, but wanted to wait until I had a free moment to blog. Well my waiting paid off because someone else did my work for me 😉

For those who are only going to read this part: Santorum has no problem using your tax payer dollars to fund birth control. He was also on Greta and implied that the birth control pill was not an abortafaciet.


If you are a Santorum supporter, you owe it to yourself to watch/listen to these.


So Rick Santorum does an interview with Hannity where he proudly declares that he votes to spend your dough on contraceptives and abortifacients (jump to the 9:05 mark).  (Note: the link has the audio clip)

Only he doesn’t say “abortifacients” because he tries to snow the audience that the Pill is not an abortifacient, only the “morning after” pill is. But, in fact, the Pill *is* an abortifacient. So Santorum has effectively voted to support abortion.

Meanwhile, that kerrrayyyzy Ron Paul strongly opposes federal funding for birth control. Why? Because it’s not the job of the Feds to provide birth control.

So we have a non-Catholic candidate who opposes compelling people to pay for what other people choose to do in the privacy of their bedroom, and we have a Catholic candidate who is “personally opposed” like Cuomo but who chooses to compel people (including Catholics) to pay for what other people do in the privacy of their bedroom, even when it includes abortifacients. He makes a show of opposing the morning after pill. But that’s not the only abortifacient.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Happily, Santorum is in the groove on the things that *really* matter to the GOP leadership–pre-emptive war, preserving the precious legacy of Bush era torture, and the sacred pre-eminence of corporate profits over the needs of human beings. So his private fetish about being semi-prolife is fine, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the real agenda. And since he’s already shown himself to be a good soldier when the party demanded he prostitute himself for Specter, we can be sure he won’t make a thing about abortion really. So he’ll be useful for suckering the prolifers back on to the reservation again.

I’m leaning back toward just voting third party and refusing to support either of these corrupt machines. Either way, Obama doesn’t get my vote, and I will not feel like I need a shower if I don’t vote GOP.

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