Super Tuesday States

Super Tuesday States: Ron Paul wants to hear from you! Vote for him, vote for integrity, vote for a man who won’t have to spend time defending his record when facing Obama this fall! Vote for the man who hasn’t paid lip service to those of us working hard to end abortion! Vote for the man who wants to protect the├é┬áConstitution!


From Ron Paul:

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum ALL:

*** Supported massive new government intrusion into your health care through the individual mandate and Medicare Part D, the largest entitlement expansion in 40 years before ObamaCare;

*** Joined union bosses in opposing a National Right to Work law, or, in the case of Gingrich, refused to lift a finger to help pass the bill when Speaker. Even more disturbingly, Rick Santorum joined Ted Kennedy in TWICE voting for a massive expansion of union power that could have broken the backs of hundreds of thousands of small businesses;

*** Supported the doubling in size of the federal Department of Education and the No Child Left Behind federal power grab;
And Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich went even further, not only supporting the bank and housing bailouts but personally enriching themselves by them.

The sad truth is, none of these three candidates can give us change.

In fact, they can’t even help us defeat Barack Obama this fall.

If we’re going to defeat Obama, our Republican candidate for President must show a CLEAR, TRUE contrast with Barack Obama.

I’m afraid Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum simply won’t be able to do that.

We can’t defeat Obama without making an issue of ObamaCare, bailouts, and massive federal power grabs.

Polls continue to show that I’m the candidate to take on and defeat Barack Obama this fall.

Can you imagine the clear choice my campaign would give voters?

You see, I’m the only candidate with a real plan to cut spending and balance our budget.

My Plan to Restore America cuts $1 trillion in federal spending during the first year of my presidency by eliminating five unconstitutional departments, and it balances our nation’s budget by the third year.

And I’m the only candidate in this race with a lifetime record of standing up for constitutional government.

Because of my strong defense of the right to keep and bear arms, I’ve received the prestigious “Defender of the Second Amendment” Award from Gun Owners of America.

And since I believe that liberty cannot be protected if life is not respected, I’ve fought hard to defend the unborn

I’ve introduced legislation to federally recognize that life begins at conception, repeal Roe v. Wade, and strip federal judges of any jurisdiction over the abortion issue.

And when it comes to our borders, I’m the only candidate talking about securing OUR borders – instead of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I’ve opposed every single bailout, and I have NEVER once voted for a tax increase.

I’m known as the “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” in Congress.

If you want a real constitutional conservative with a 30-year track record of standing up to the Big Government, big spending status quo in Washington, then, if you live in a state voting tomorrow, I ask for your support.

Together, you and I can Restore America NOW!

For Liberty,
Ron Paul.

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