Post Mass Etiquette

Do you see those people in the pews, kneeling, after Mass? Do you know what they are doing? If you said “Praying” you are probably right.

Guess what? Your loud talking or cackling laughter is very rude. Not only is it rude for those in the pews, trying to make a thanksgiving, it shows disrespect for our Lord.

Most churches have a vestibule/narthex or a space outside where those conversations can take place.

And while I am on my soapbox, why is it that as soon as the last note of the recessional hymn ends, laughter and talking erupts in the church?  As adults we should be able to “contain our excitement” (read: hold in trivial stories about our lives) until we have reached the doors of the church, so as not to disturb those wishing to pray.

You know, this goes for before Mass as well. How can we prepare to meet our Lord on the Blessed Sacrament, if we are being distracted by our own idle chatter or the chatter of those around us?

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