Our (unintended) Long Weekend

Joshua has been home from work since mid-Morning Thursday. We’ve all been struck with a horrible stomach bug. (I’ll spare you the details). I didn’t get out bed on Friday and moved to the couch on Saturday, only because Margaret threw up on our bed. I am thankful that was the only big mess we had to deal with though. Today involved cleaning every surface in the house, doing loads of laundry and opening the windows to air things out. (Would you believe it’s been so cold here we’ve had to turn the heat on. I think when the highs are no more than 55, it’s okay to do so.)

Joshua went to Mass with Karol last night and I went by myself this morning.  I usually enjoy the occasional Mass by myself, but today I really missed my family. Maybe because we aren’t “settled” at our new parish and I only know the pastor, not really anyone else, maybe because I have no idea what to do with my hands during Mass now, or maybe because my kids give me an excuse not to have to open the hymnal when a bad hymn is sung. Or maybe because it was just strange to not have them there.

We’ve been trying to prepare for Thanksgiving in the mean time. I am glad we did a bulk of the prep a few weeks ago and just needed to pick up some fresh item. We are going to brine the bird this year, then cook it on the grill.  I am going to make this and am going to attempt a Cranberry Apple Pecan Pie.  We will of course, have sweet potatoes, rolls, and homemade cranberry sauce. I even bought special, European Soda to drink with dinner on Thanksgiving. (Thank you Publix for stocking a nice selection of food and beverages!)

So there you have it, our long, boring, sick weekend. And guess what? We get another long weekend in just a few days! 🙂 Woot. Let’s hope no one is sick for this one.

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