Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Our van has been acting up (and of course, only starting to do so at 500 on the Friday evening that starts a long holiday weekend.) Basically, the break lights aren’t working, so we have stuck close to home for Mass this weekend.  I followed behind Joshua in his car, while he drove the van, so we could go to Mass on Saturday evening and then today the lights were working so we all went in the van. (There is a  mission parish in the town we live near, with daily Mass and a Vigil Mass on Saturdays. We attend from time to time, when there are sick kids, car issues, or schedule issues for Sunday (that is seldom though.))

The pastor is on vacation, so today we had a priest who, from what I understood, is with the Army Chaplin Corp and is based in Washington State. He didn’t do anything special, but was reverent, and his homily, wow. I was blown away. Simple, yet full of catechesis about our Lady. One of those homilies that I keep harking back to as the day goes on. I didn’t catch his name, but he was wonderful! At the end of Mass, he thanked us (all in attendance) for the our devotion. I can only imagine that it was in part because the little mission church was full and it was the morning after a big party day, and we were there.

Father spoke with Caecilia after Mass, asking her if there was honey on her thumb, because it wast stuck in her mouth. He asked Margaret if she was going to receive her First Communion soon, a question that made her smile. (No, we haven’t started prepping her yet, but soon.) Benedict ran from him.  I love when priests show interest in families (not just my family, but families in general, we need support!!)

So, thank you, Father (From Washington State), thank you for your devotion and your willingness to preach the truth, even when it is not popular or easy!

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