Thankful Update

…it’s silly, but I am thankful that the van is all fixed. Joshua took it in this morning and they said it was an easy fix and would cost $10. The back tires also needed to be replaced and the back wiper needed to be looked at (I don’t think it is supposed to point straight down) so Joshua had them look at and replace those. All said and done, the repairs were done for less than we planned for the one problem and looking at the├é┬áreceipt, Joshua doesn’t even think they charged for the initial problem.
That being said, we both commented about how thankful we were for the two places we take our cars to for repairs. (One place does great things and has a $10 oil change, BUT they don’t fix everything, the other place does tires and often times the other things the first place doesn’t do.) The last time I took the van to a chain place, they gave me a list of $1500 worth of things that “needed” to be fixed on the (old) van, or it would die on the side of the road. I went in to have the A/C checked AND most of those issues were already addressed or not a problem. (Note: We drove the van for another year and half).


So, yea for honest mechanics!!

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