Feasting with the Bridegroom I

Yesterday we feasted while the Bridegroom was with us. After Mass we had eggs with bacon, potatoes and cheese, then worked on cracking some pecans for a cookie bar later. (Oh and watched the Red Wings lose.)

Later in the day some friends came over and we did burgers on the grill. We make our burgers small, so you can eat two, with different toppings if you’d like. The burgers were served on homemade buns with a side of grilled asparagus (1.19 for a huge bunch, it was such an awesome deal that we stopped and picked up more). Our friends brought chips with them. I ate Doritos for the first time in a long time, they weren’t as horrible as I remember. However, I’m thinking I mostly remember them as a snack along side of a pop, gross.

I made a pecan cookie bar for dessert, short bread crust and a sort of pecan pie topping. We are really blessed to have five pecan trees in our yard, it makes adding them to recipes simple and well, free.

On Saturday, we organized the snack cabinet and cleared out a lot of the older snacks we’ve had up there. I also baked the rest of the cookie dough I had made earlier in the week, so after dinner we ate the old snacks with the cookies. The kids get sweet so seldom that they’ll enjoy anything, including the (ew gross) stale fortune cookies we had.

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