2014-2015 School Year!

The kids are all signed up and we are set to go for school, beginning in July. Yes, a small break (if they ever finish their current year math) then back to the grindstone. Why? Because it’s hot here and well we need routine. If we don’t have it, the day becomes a long day of me saying “No, you may not watch a movie”, “No, you may not play video games.”, “No, you may not have another snack” etc, etc, etc.

Karol will be doing 4th grade work, Margaret 3rd and Caecilia will officially be doing 1st. I’m excited about the new school year because my good friend Andrea is also homeschooling her son for the first time, using the same program we use (Kolbe) and her son is in 4th grade a well. I’m thinking there might be some teaming up via Chat or Video on science, what do you think, Andrea?

This coming year’s goals are to get Karol to learn to stop fearing and start loving division, practice handwriting a bit more and in general to stop complaining about school work. For Margaret, we will be working on spelling. For Caecilia, we are going to work on oral reading (plus getting used to sitting for a bit to do school work).

We are also working on a new schedule around here. Since it is summer, any out door chores need to be done early in the morning or as the sun is going down, so the kids are up and out at 615 to tend chickens and feed the other animals. I’m usually taking that time to pray and get ready for the day and am down stairs by 7(ish) or that’s the goal. It has worked well so far and I’m not feeling like I’m playing catch up all day. Plus Joshua gets a real breakfast and not something slapped together quickly. I also get bread made and often times dinner started at this time as well, that way the house stays cool (and in theory, the electric bill is lower.)

I’m also considering getting up earlier to work out and to do the work I do for Vianney Vocation, so I’m not trying to read articles or post things when I should be folding laundry or teaching Latin. I only hold back a bit because in the past, when I’ve gotten up earlier, other kids have gotten up earlier as well, so my day just starts earlier. Have you ever tried exercising with kids underfoot or asking questions? I just can’t do it. I get distracted and lose focus.

So I guess my goal for myself is to exercise each day and get my “job” out of the way before the kids are awake.

One question for my readers: I’m looking for a student planner for the older two, so I can write out assignments and they can check them off each week. I found one that was beautiful and Catholic, but it uses the old saint calendar, so that work work for us. Any suggestions for a good planner?


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