Of Ice Cream and Husbands

Yesterday I was nursing a sore throat, so I sat on the couch and looked through old emails, some over 11 years old and from Joshua around the time we were engaged. Sweet, mushy, filled with hope and great excitement for the future. However, those are not the reason for this post.

At dinner last night, while pondering those emails (and how wonderful of a husband Joshua is), I turned to Margaret and Caecilia and told them that if they are called to marriage, to make sure their future husbands love them as much as papa loves me.

Margaret said that she would know she found a good husband if he makes sure she never runs out of ice cream.

I thought about that for a second and realized that Joshua makes sure that we are never ever out of ice cream and that, among many other things, makes him a great husband.

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  1. I think those little things might actually really big things when we see the love behind the act.

    • I totally agree. I used to work with a woman whose husband always made sure her car had gas in it. In their (at that time) 15 years of marriage, she had never pumped gas. At the time I thought that was just strange, but after I got married, I began to understand :).

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