Are You Still Blogging?

Our Very Special Priest friend stop by for a visit this weekend and what a great time we had catching up with him. During the conversation, he asked me if I was still writing my blog. I laughed and said that it had fallen to the wayside for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I didn’t really think I was a great writer, and that people probably weren’t interested in reading what I write.

Then the conversation went to something else, but later he suggested I submit a sample to Catholic newspapers. What? Why? He said I was witty and that people would like to hear day to day things about my family and raising Catholic kids. I told him I’m not sure my wit comes across in print, that it was more like bitterness, but he kept encouraging, so I’m thinking about it. I did get permission to drop his name if I do submit something.

I would like to write, to share life as a Catholic mother living in the South, and heck to get paid for that, it’d be awesome, but what topics could I do that aren’t already being done? I kinda feel like I’d be reinventing the wheel, but at the same time, he suggested it more than once, so I’m very much thinking about it.

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