Matching Jammies over Christmas Break



Today was a fun day. We purchased Epiphany gifts, I went one way at JoAnn’s, Joshua went the other. Benedict had to be told not to tell anyone what I put in the cart. We then went to Lowes to buy a new front door. Ours was falling apart, literally, you can see through the cracks in the door. Then we picked up Chinese for an early dinner. Really, by the time we got home and straightened up a bit, it was our normal dinner time.

After dinner we prayed then taught our kids how to play charades. That was fun and the kids did a good job, and allowed for lots of laughter. When it was bed time, Karol was sent up to help Bene get dressed. They said something about a showing us their surprise pajamas. A few moments later, the boys were back downstairs, wearing “matching” pajamas. In this picture it is hard to tell, but Bene is also wearing a dinosaur shirt. The girls wanted to be in on the coolness of matchy-match, so they went up and found their own.

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