We’ve all been nursing a bit of a cold, including baby Peter. The rest of the kids can articulate what hurts (throat, ears, eyes, nose) but poor Peter just gets┬áto cry and cry a lot to let us know he’s not feeling well. He’s been waking up between 330 and 430 in the morning and has been fussy until about 630 or 7. That makes for awesome morning around here, I tell you. Say a prayer for him and for his parents that this passes quickly.

It doesn’t help that when he should be napping during the day, certain children are very loud and wake him up. It’s been a rough day and I’m near tears.



I didn’t even get a chance to actually post this yesterday because the day was so rough. Last night, Peter fell asleep around 8 instead of his normal 930. He woke at 3 (ish) to eat and then went back to sleep next to me. He slept again until about 6am. Did I? Of course not. I was wide away. I prayed for a bit, then I read a bit. Wikipedia is your friend at times like this, you find a boring topic and go feel your eyes drooping. Nope, that didn’t happen either. I finally fell asleep a little after 4, but it was still far better than yesterday.

He slept the rest of┬ámorning and when he woke up, he was happy. I’d forgotten what happy Peter was like because I haven’t seen it for a week. I’m really happy that he’s back to his normal self, really.

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