A September Update

Well, we survived our first (and probably only) hurricane here. I actually think Hermine was a tropical storm when she blew through at 3am a few Friday’s ago.

I woke up and it sounded like my house was going through a car wash, with the wind and the rain hitting the side of the house. I expected little kids to join us but that didn’t happen and when I went to check on them, the sound of the storm was hardly noticeable upstairs. The kids slept through the storm and Peter only woke up to nurse then went back to sleep. I was awake for a good part of the night though, of course.

Joshua got up for work and got a text from his boss that the office didn’t have power and that the sheriff said people needed to stay off the roads until noon, or even later, so Joshua worked from home. We, thankfully, didn’t lose power or internet during the storm. (Which is strange because we lost power the week before on a Wednesday morning, while the sun was just shining away.)

That afternoon we submitted a counter offer on our house and the next morning, it was accepted. Wait, what?! True story. We’ll be heading back north, God willing, soon. Housing on that end has worked out as well so all is good and we just have to wait for the inspection and appraisal here, then closing.

I’ve spent the past few days packing up more boxes. I packed a bunch back when I found out I was pregnant with Peter because I knew I’d be sick for a good few months and then I packed up a lot more over the Christmas break, so really, it’s clothes and kitchen stuff that needs to be backed. (Oh and Joshua’s tools, but those are his domain, not mine.)

We decided to enroll the kids in the strings program again to keep them learning until we move. Last year Karol was in the Concert Strings group which requires auditioning and being accepted. I was under the impression that auditioning was an annual thing and that he would have to do it to keep his place in the group, so he did that on Wednesday. It turns out that he was accepted into the Youth Orchestra. (again what?!) He’s ten. I’m not bragging here, but I’m super impressed by his skills.

Strings started last night. Benedict is playing this year and his class is first, a half hour before the girls’ class, then Karol class begins right after the girls’ class ends. This means we are out of the house for three hours, sigh. I got the kids out and when we got to the school, it seemed like no one knew where the girls were supposed to be. Peter was having a melt down, and I was trying to keep my mind together. I was near tears. I got the girls to where they needed to be and then realized they didn’t have their music books or paper. Sigh. I hate forgetting things.

Oh and I also thought that the Youth Orchestra was on Wednesdays. Nope, Mondays. No one had eaten dinner and Peter had spit up all over my shoulder. I rallied though and kept my mindĀ together. Note: Bring the stroller next time and not the baby carrier, it’s still to warm out for that.

Finally, I’m making these for dinner. I’ve made a variation of these recently, without the cabbage and sauerkraut (so basically burgers wrapped in bread.) Tonight I’m making the recipe for real. That is if Margaret stops sneaking sauerkraut from the jar. She’s informed me she loves it and would eat it all the time. Winning.

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  1. It’s so tough to be out of the house for such an extended period of time with the whole crew! Soccer is often okay because there is lots of room for the kids to run and scream and play, but still, inevitably they get hot (or cold), hungry, thirsty, etc. But I’ll still take out of the house two evenings a week for an extended period over leaving the house every evening – THAT is crazy!!

    PS Congrats on the house!! That is terribly exciting for you all.

  2. My kids need to go to the bathroom whenever we go somewhere. I’m a major germaphobe and loathe public restrooms.

    This is only two nights a week as well, not the whole week, but it’s still (not so) fun to figure out the logistics.

  3. Congrats on the house!

    And it’s good to brag about your kids. šŸ˜‰

  4. You sound happy to head back North, so I’m happy for you! Hooray for houses selling! I hope you close soon.

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