Close Call

Yikes. Tonight I was doing my normal routine of making sure all the doors were locked and the cabinets were secure when I heard Toddler K crying like never before! I ran to him like a good Mumma and found that he had his finger caught in the drawer to my desk.  It was caught so that he couldn’t move his hand in any direction. I tried to push and pull it but it wouldn’t budge. Then brilliance hit me. In the kitchen, in the lazy susan, we have a can of that nasty spray non stick stuff. One quick spray and out came his fingers. Really red but a hug, a kiss and an ice cube helped that.

Did I mention the other day, Toddler K discovered dirt? We were at a corn boil down by the lake. The picnic tables were set up on an area that was just dirt.  He started playing in it with his McFriends (Hi Carolyn) and by the end of the day, our Superboss, Scott was telling us that we should bathe our child in water, not dirt.

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  1. Hi Beth! I found your blog through facebook. I’m so glad you have one. It was good to see you and Josh…take care of Keeney!

  2. Hi Beth!! Laura happened upon your blog and forwarded the address to me. I look forward to keeping tabs on you guys this way!! 🙂

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