Tomorrow I turn 30

And to tell you the truth, it doesn’t seem so bad. Other things are on my mind, much more important then that. My darling son went pee pee in the potty! He got a yummy cookie to celebrate. Dove Chocolate chip macadamian (sp) nut.

I am thinking of convincing JF that we need to do an ice cream run tonight. I really want some coffee ice cream with chocolate chips. Perhaps I should wait until tomorrow morning.

On the bright side, my MIL did comment that I am looking more slender. Hmmm. I did step on the scale and have noticed I lost 4 pounds. Perhaps that is because I avoided brunch at her house. I do have to say that I must get on that workout plan that I said I would. I have a workout room a block over and some work out equipment in the basement. I will do it tomorrow. I will go down and work out tomorrow after the girls leave for school.

Thanks to Laura and Anne for being my only readers. Oh and Keeney too. Keeney won’t have to keep in touch this way much longer as she is my newest coworker!

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  1. Yep, I have your birthday written down on my calendar – the only problem being that I don’t look at it very frequently.

    Anyway…HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow)! I hope it is a fabulous day!!

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