Italy Dry Run

We are going to a conference in Reno, NV in November. It is a Catholic Conference ( and JF is going to have a booth for Impressus Art ( We are really looking forward to it and got a sweet deal on the whole flight, hotel and car combo. I highly recommend as they really hooked us up! So we are looking at this trip as a dry run for our flight to Italy. It is a 4 hour flight for Chicago to Reno and I found out the kids can each have a bag to check EVEN though they don’t have actual seats. EXCITING!

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  1. Do you guys have a date for your trip to Italy? Peter is promising that we get to go to Ireland next year for our anniversary. I’m not certain that will happen though because right before our anniversary Laura is getting married, and if we’ve moved away we’ll have to travel back and that will cost money, etc…

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