There is a song out there that seems to be very popular amongst the teen population. The girls in our home love to sing it and do the dance that goes along with it. The song makes many references to women being “hoes” and other derogatory things. However, the worst part is that the song is about a violent sexual act of aggression on a woman.

The other night we decided to tell the girls the song was banned in our home. Of course, you would think we were taking away their oxygen.  AFTER telling them what the song was about we were told that they don’t listen to the words, they just like the beat. AFTER I told them the song was about rape, they still said that they liked the beat and the song didn’t mean anything. Of course, that took us to a different direction, that sometimes what a woman does makes a man think she is a certain way and may try to take advantage of her or even worse, attack her. The response to that? “I would never let that happen.” or my favorite “If a man ever tried to do that to me, I wouldn’t let him, I would defend myself.” Oh yeah, all 100 pounds of you.

So the song is banned in our home as well as in other homes on campus. All the girls hate us because they think we started it all. Fine by me, I don’t care. What I do care about is the fact that the song “Soulja Boy” is one of the most popular songs going today and it is a song about knocking a woman out and attacking her while she is passed out. I can’t believe that feminist groups aren’t out there raising the biggest stink ever over this. I can’t believe that parents are buying this music for their kids.

So let me leave this entry with this note: “Soulja Boy”, the song is about rape. It is about committing a violent act against a woman just because she won’t “put out”.  It denies a woman the dignity that she deserves. It says that woman are for one thing and one thing only and if they do not care to do that one thing, it says that it is okay to knock them out, perform a sex act, then leave the evidence so as to humiliate them.

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