Homecoming at the Moose

Today we had the pep rally for the game tomorrow. Is it just me or is it totally bizarre that people get so wrapped up in sports? I can understand wanting to comeback to your Alma Mater, especially when your Alma Mater was also your home for years. However, must we get so absorbed in sports?

Tomorrow is the big game. I am not sure the teams record, they haven’t won a game that we have been to yet. Well, perhaps one. My time at the games is spent making sure kids aren’t misbehaving. However, living in the northern US, one would think that a midday game on a Saturday in October would involve jeans and sweaters, right? No.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 85 degrees. I plan on wearing shorts and a polo.

On a positive note, our home won second place in the home decorating contest. Yippee.

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