Dragon Fire

So we have this CD for Karol called Dog Train. I want to say that Sandra Bouynton is a genius! She has composed some of the best kid songs on the planet. Karol loves the song “Dog Train” and will stand in front of the computer and point to it saying something that sounds like “I need to listen to Dog Train”. He just walked in and said “Dog Train”. I sincerely think that these CDs are part of the reason that Karol has such an awesome vocabulary at his young age.

Last night we went to a pizza party and a sock hop for the Moose kids. I’d like to say it was pretty enjoyable. We had a nice time. The DJ did not play “Soulja Boy” aka the Superman Song. Of course some other totally lame songs were played but at least that one wasn’t. Over all, it was a good time had by all.

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