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Well, this has been a busy month for us. We travelled to Reno for the Northern Nevada Eucharist and Marian Conference at the beginning of the month. (www.adoregod.org) It was a wonderful experience. I love the west. I love the desert landscape and the mountains. After the conference was over, we drove down to Lake Tahoe and then in to California. We then headed back over the mountains to see Carson City and Virginia City (of Bonanza fame).

Our son was a big hit on the airplane, scoring a cookie from the flight attendant. I consider that a good thing since they go for $3 each! In the Reno airport, the awesome people at Quizno’s gave him a cookie too. Ah, it pays to have a good and cute kid. Okay, he got the cookie on the flight there because he was a little crabby and she thought that would help. Sorry lady it didn’t.

Today I talked to my sister in law. She is due in February to have her 4th baby. Given the size of her back side, she thinks she is having a girl. We are going to see her next weekend when we go back to visit for the feast of Christ the King.

As for me, I have been busy updating my look. I had my hair cut at the Regis Salon in Fox Valley Mall by Elaine. I LOVE my hair. Elaine is amazing and cut my hair perfectly. I now have hair that is easy to do something nice to and will wash and go wonderfully. After my haircut, I went to thank my pal Kelly for the referral to Elaine. Kelly is so awesome!

What else? The kids are getting big. K is so fun and just a good kid. He likes to talk and he tells us letters that he sees. The other day, he read to me the letters on the bag from JC Penny. Tonight he pointed to the exit sign and told me there was an “x” a “c” and an “e” in it. Close. He has sadly learned about chicken nuggets. He likes them and asks for them. Oh well, that trip to Reno may not have been so good after all.

Oh, going back to Reno. The first hotel we stayed at was the pits. P I T S pits. We checked out of it and spent the next two nights at another hotel. It was better, much better. The other hotel refused us a refund and were extremely rude to me on the phone when I called Expedia to file a complaint, Expedia gave us a $75 coupon at that point. When I arrived home, I posted on Expedia’s web page how awful the hotel was and guess what? They gave us another $100 coupon. Saweeeet. I really do like Expedia and they did do their best. The Hotel lied to them about us and said we just checked out with out  complaint and I think the man who helped me out via Expedia realized they were lying and that was when he issued the voucher. However, I did file a complaint via the Better Business Bureau regarding the hotel. They responded to the compliant saying that we never made any complaint about noise and what not. I replied back that we were told they couldn’t take a complaint, they haven’t replied back yet. It has been a week.

What else? I think that is about it. Tonight I went with two of our girls to Chipotle. Yummers. I LOVE CHIPOTLE! CHIPOTLE is wonderful. I broke out of the usual chicken burrito or burrito bol and got the barbecoa  (sp?). It was quite a nice surprise and really hot without out being painful!

Well, laundry calls and I need to get it folded to get to bed.

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