Did I ever tell you about…

the time we were in Kohls, walking past the bra section when Karol piped up “That’s where the baby eats from”. Joshua and I both thought it was too funny.

So, Caecilia is a week old now. She is doing well. She is almost back to her birth weight and doing just fine. She is a good eater and likes to snuggle. She seldom fusses, unless she is hungry or getting a diaper change. She likes to explore the room with her eyes and look at the lamp. We have lots of fun together at 4 in the morning, when she needs a supplemented feeding, so I need to be awake awake to give it to her. We sit up on the couch and she eats while I talk to her or surf the internet. Then we go back to sleep until Joshua has to leave for work.

Karol and Margaret are doing a great job of adjusting. Margaret is a big help. She likes to help change diapers and makes sure the baby has lots of blankets to keep her warm.  Karol has been making sure he behaves and only has major meltdowns when Joshua is home. They have both been very very good about naps too. M goes down at about 1230 and K at about 1. M will play for a while by herself, so she doesn’t actually go to sleep until probably 115 or so. Karol will lay in our bed and read books for a while.

I have to come up with a lunch idea for today. I think mac and cheese would be good. What for a veggie? We have lettuce and the kids love lettuce, so perhaps that.

Margaret is now trying to sit on my lap, so I have to end this post now! I don’t want to leave without wishing everyone a Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

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