Missing Lafayette

Who would have thought that I would ever miss Lafayette? I didn’t think I would. I am more missing St. Boniface and the Schola right now. I am listening to a sort of Advent Station on Pandora right now and the music is so very pretty and reminds me of the St. Boniface Schola.

We are staying here for Christmas this year. That isn’t a big deal for us, but the parish we go to is a little weak in the music department. We have songs that are just plain bad most of the time. I am sorry to say that, I really wish it were different, but it isn’t. The rest of the parish is good, so I can’t complain,  but when there are SO many good songs to sing in Advent and we sing something about circling around God , I want to barf. With that being said, the Handbell Chior is “doing” the Midnight Mass here. I WILL NOT sit through a Handbell anything, let alone mass. So we are trying to figure out where we want to go. I really want to go to St. Patrick. J wants to go to Holy Family. I also wouldn’t mind going to St. Mary in Deleware or St. Michael in Worthington, but we have to see.

I started this post last night, but I didn’t finish it, so here is the ending of it now! Caecilia was up from 230 to about 5 this morning, eating and staring. Fun. I didn’t mind too much. Margaret got up at about 430 to “snuggle” with me on the couch. After a while I sent her to “snuggle” with Joshua. That is about it. Not too much else to report.

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