Growth spurts and Christmas trees

The past two nights, J and I have been very bad at going to bed on time. Both nights, I think we were shutting our eyes at 1 am. Of course, when K gets up at 630 each morning, it doesn’t make for lots of sleep. Of course there is Caecilia who will need a feeding at some point between then and 630. With her, I can sleep through most of the feeding, so feedings don’t really affect my sleep.

However, I think Caecilia is hitting a growth spurt. My internet research shows that they hit one at 2-3 weeks. She is two weeks today. So yesterday she spent a lot of time sleeping and today she ate for like 5 hours straight. She would eat then watch things for a half hour, then eat again. Now she is sleeping and she really needs it.

On to other things. Today we are going to get our Christmas Tree. We learned a long time ago, that our plan for buying  a tree on Christmas Eve probably won’t happen as most tree lots are closed by then. At least in Lafayette they were. The first year we were married, we tried to buy one and there wasn’t a single lot open, but St. John Lutheran Church down the street from St. Boniface has some left over from their tree sale and a call to the church office got us a free tree. What was supposed to be a Charlie Brown tree turned out to be Big Butt Bertha. (It was bundled so we couldn’t see what we were getting).

So on to this year, there is a home and garden store right by church. Joshua checked it out yesterday and they have trees for $20, so we are going to pick one up today. Last night I had to go buy a tree stand. Fortunately, Meijer had an old fashioned stand for only $9.99. Yippee.

I bought cranberries and plan on popping popcorn to decorate the tree with. We also have a ton of ornaments that we can’t wait to hang on the tree. We will probably decorate the tree on Christmas Eve though.

Speaking of ornaments, I have to say my sister Krissy is awesome. A while ago she gave me ornaments that once hung on my Grandma Kress’ tree. As I have a great love for my Grandma and Grandpa Kress and try to honor their memory in any way I can, I love to have the ornaments on the tree.

So that is our day. Tomorrow Joshua has a short day at work, praise God. I look forward to having him home for a good part of the day, so I can rest a little bit more. Hopefully Caecilia’s birth announcements come in the mail tomorrow, so I can send out cards (yes, her birth announcement is going in our Christmas card) and send out the gifts to our families.

In addition to Christmas that we are awaiting, we also are having visitors after Christmas and we are going to visit Kelly Baker the day after Christmas. She will be at her parents house in Southern Michigan, so we are going to Trek up there and see her. Yippee. And she has been nice enough to say yes when I asked her if she could pick up Margaret’s Epiphany present at a store in Chicago. Who doesn’t LOVE Kelly?

Happy Advent to All!

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  1. I SO love that you’re posting more regularly now!! Yay for full time mamahood!

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