Birthday/Carolling/Advent Gathering

On Thursday we received an invite for a gathering at my friend R’s house. My friend said if I fee up to going, what with having a 2 week old and all. Well, did I ever feel like going. We don’t get out much as it has been cold and with Caecilia’s odd sleeping patern right now, getting to weekday mass is even a bit hard.

So today we loaded up the kids and headed to their house. Of course we had to turn around as I forgot the diaper bag and sling. Once we got on the road, it was an easy drive to thier house. I haven’t seen them since earlier this summer when we met at the Park of Roses for a picnic. R’s parents were there and it was nice to visit with them, I haven’t seen them for over 3 years. It was nice to visit with everyone. We ate and ate and chatted and visited with the new arrivals and caught up on close to 5 years of “stuff”. I really missed this group.

After dinner, we went to the nursing home to sing for the residents. I have to say, that no matter what, I will do everything in my power to keep my parents out of a home. I had to concentrate on other things to keep myself from crying while I was there. I hope that our little group of carollers and children brightened a few of the resident’s day. So many of them seemed to LOVE the little children with us (I think we numbers 12 kids under 5).

After carolling, we headed back to celebrated R’s birthday with some cake and ice cream, well an ice cream cake. It was GOOOOOD. We visited more with our friends and our kids enjoyed playing with the other kids. I totally enjoyed myself and would have stayed hours longer, except our kiddos needed to get some sleep. (one of them did not have a nap at all today!)

I know I keep saying it, but I am so very thankful that we moved back to Central Ohio. I love the community here. I love that feeling of “home” that I have with our Parish and our Priests. (Really, Father JW comes to our house all.the.time.) I don’t think I can thank God enough for allowing us this opportunity. He is so good. (Duh)

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