Recap of a Decade

December 31, 1999, the eve of Y2K. I was at a party in Columbus, Ohio having the time of my life (or so I thought). The clock struck midnight, champaign was opened, hugs and kisses were exchanged and  the Y2K scare was found to be, well,  unfounded. Our checking accounts were safe, our electricity was still on, gas pumps still worked, all was right with the world.

I thought I had the world by the tail. I had a great job, a nice car, a wonderful  boyfriend and no rent because I still lived at home. Little did I know, most of that would be  gone by the end of the year.  My heart was broken first. From that heartbreak came a desire to just start a new, so I quit my job and moved to Columbus.  I still had my nice car though and I loaded it up with my few things and drove south. I found a job and lived with a friend and her husband for the first few months. By the time January 2001 rolling in, I had tried out 4 other jobs and moved in to a cute two bedroom apartment with a roommate in a great little area in Columbus.

The biggest event of 2000 has not been mentioned yet. That would be the opening of my heart to the callings of our dear Father in Heaven. Shortly after I moved to Columbus, I found my way back to the Church through the grace of God and have been back ever since. Praise God!

December 31, 2000, the ringing in of another new year. This was also celebrated with friends and  drinks in the same location as the prior year. While I was going to church, I thought it was still okay to get stupid drunk and totally crazy. I had so much more to learn back then. Continuing on, 2001 brought a more steady job for me and a deeper growth in my faith. I was also blessed with meeting other young Catholics who were trying to live their faith. I am able to call most of the people I met then, friends and am truly thankful for that.

December 31, 2001, would it be odd if I don’t remember that day? I either babysat or was kissed at midnight by someone who made me want to barf.  2002 was a year that I continued growing in my faith. That fall I started attending RCIA classes (A wonderful CCC based class by Fr. Stephen-Dominic Hayes) to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation. It was over all a good year, I don’t think I could complain a lick!

December 31, 2002, either was babysitting or was kissed by a someone who made me want to barf. Leaning towards babysitting. 2003 was a year that ended in a way that I would have never guessed. February was amazing as I began to truly discern my vocation. I told the “wonderful boyfriend” whom I had been on and off with this entire time to take a hike. While it was very hard to do then, it was the opening of a beautiful new chapter in my life, and the letting go totally of the previous life. In February, I also became acquainted with Brother Joshua of the Fathers of Mercy.

The spring time found me contacting and visiting various religious orders. I also took a trip out west with my friend Jon. (Friends only!) We went to Arizona and rented a car, drove to San Diego then crossed the boarder to Mexico on a bus for 3 hours. The next day we drove up the coast of California to Los Angeles, then back to Phoenix. What a great time and a great memory.

The summer found me working and wondering what my calling in life was! I took a visit to an order of sisters in New England and there I heard the answer I was seeking. I wasn’t called to be a religious sister, I was to be a wife and mother. God blessed with the answer to “who” with Joshua just a few weeks later. Deo Gratias. So by the end of 2003, I was living in Indiana and planning a wedding!

December 31, 2003, celebrated with Joshua at the house on Beaumont.  We were supposed to go to something at the Church but I had a bit of breakdown and just couldn’t handle being around other people. I have since sorted that out and kick myself for getting so freaked out that day! 2004 found us planning our wedding and planning our life together. I found a nice job and we were blessed with a nice place to live after we were married. On October 4, we were united before God in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

December 31, 2004, Mass at St. Boniface at Midnight with a little party after. We celebrated by singing songs and serenading Fr. Tim from the sidewalk below his window at the rectory. One of the nicest New Year’s I have ever had. 2005 brought us sorrows and joy. We lost our first child through miscarriage. Our sorrow gave way to joy when we found out I was expecting again! We spent most of the year preparing for our little one. Of course, he gave us a few extra days to prepare for him, not arriving until after the first of the year….

December 31, 2005, I just wanted to go in to labor. I can’t even recall what we did, I just know I was huge and pregnant and ready to go! Come out baby!! 2006 came in with me still pregnant and we were blessed with a healthy and happy homebirth on January 3. We spent a good part of 2006 watching our son grow while I grew another little baby. This was also the year of the 7 weddings. SEVEN! It was a great time to visit with family and friends though and to show off our little guy.

December 31, 2006, my my my, my memory is kinda wonky. Where was I? What did we do? We were awaiting word to see if we would be moving for a job in Illinois. 2007 was the year of the big move. We did get that job in Illinois and headed north on February with a one year old and a six week old baby girl. We spent the year working with at risk teens and pretty much enjoyed our jobs. We also watched our little ones grow and learn new things. We bravely took them on an airplane to Reno for a conference and survived.

December 31, 2007 was celebrated in Illinois, probably watching a movie or something in our quarters. 2008 was a year  of lots of changes for us. We found out that we were expecting a new little Facekid and were thrilled to death! We also decided that it was our time to move on from our job Illinois. We prayed and searched and prayed and searched and tada, we ended up back in Ohio. In December, we welcomed our next little girl!

December 31, 2008 was celebrated in front of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Mary Parish with friends. My inlaws were in town and had the older two kids and we had the baby. After our Holy Hour, we went back to our tiny apartment and celebrated with a bit of wine and food. 2009 brought another change, a change of address.  We bought a house just a block over from our apartment and set to work on fixing things up. We put a new roof on, got a new hot water tank, new windows, new doors, new locks, the list seems endless! It was a good year indeed!

December 31, 2009, sitting here watching X-Files with my wonderful husband. I am thankful for all that God had allowed us to have in spite of our wretchedness. Looking back on the decade, I have realized how far I have come by the Grace of God and I am looking forward to seeing where he leads us in the future!

Happy New Year’s and Happy Feast of the Mother of God!

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