A busy mom’s daybook…winter weather edition.

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Outside my Window….Snow! Each day we wake up to another inch or so. It is so wonderful and pretty. If only it weren’t so very cold, we could go out and enjoy the lovely snow.

Thinking…lots of things, mainly trekking back down to Columbus tonight…and wondering if I can get to Holy Family for Mass.

Thankful for…a roof over my head, a wonderful husband who loves me even when I am a shrew. Also for little 4 year old boys who talk with their hands.

From the kitchen…leftovers tonight! Turing the leftover pot roast in to Italian Beef Sandwiches, yum. Think about lunch right now and thinking that the kids will have cheese, pickles, crackers and carrots, their favorite.

Faith and learning… planning on starting back with the kids and schooling next week. We were given lots of books for Christmas/Epiphany, so it will be fun to make up more lesson plans.

Creating…I put my sewing machine away right before Christmas and plan on leaving it there for a while!

Wearing…Paris pajama pants, Mystery Spot long sleeve tee shirt.

Reading…The Faith Explained, still. 

Praying…for Mary, that she have her baby before Friday! (Please join me in this intention, if the baby comes before Friday, she is free to have him/her naturally, if the baby doesn’t come on his/her own, she is scheduled for a C-section).

Hearing…Monster’s Inc. and C making lots of fun noises.

Around the house…need to clean up for a gathering this weekend. The main floor seems to be pretty clean, just need to scrub bathrooms and floors.

One of my favorite things…when C sees food and claps her hands for some.

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  1. Chiara is soooo afraid of Monsters, Inc. Zeke and Isabel love it.

    Praying for Mary!!!

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