Wearing the Baby

I first heard of baby wearing around the time I had my first child. I knew or saw a few women from church who used them and I thought it might be something I was interested in doing. I ordered my first two slings from ebay and set them aside for use when  Karol was born.

After his birth, my midwife showed me a few techniques on how to use the ones that I had purchased. I have to say, I was hesitant at first, a bit scared that he was going to fall out, so I did not use them until he was able to sit up on his own, then I used them all.the.time. It was the most helpful during Church as it allowed me to participate without juggling a 15 pound little guy. The grocery store was another great place to use it, he was close and did not t fuss the way he did in the infant car seat or in the seat of the cart.

When Karol was just a year old, we welcomed Margaret. I needed something. I had a mei tai that I liked to use, but went with my stand by slings, the NOJO for most of her carrying. It was a huge help as I was able to attend to Karol while giving Margaret that close contact she needed.

While I was pregnant with Benedict, a government agency issued a statement that slings were not safe. I had no concerns about the safety of my child in any of the slings I owned. I hadn’t used one for a few months when I read the article, but I knew I was always aware of what was going on in the sling. Those memories have been confirmed with Benedict’s birth.

I have found that Benedict loves to be all snuggled up in the sling. I slip him in and have no problems with him and no fears like I did with Karol. I am constantly touching him, rubbing his little back, patting his butt, stroking his hear and listening to his breathing (or little snorts). Honestly, there is so much love in this house for the little guy, that it just isn’t safe to leave him in the bouncy seat or in his swing. The sling is the place that keeps him from the over exuberant love his older siblings try to show him. (Mostly, Caecilia, who likes to share toys with him by tossing them at him).

Yesterday I had him in the sling during Mass and he snuggled up with me and fell asleep for most of the service, snuggled like he probably was in the womb, listening to my heart, feeling warmth and security while hearing our voices. Where else could he feel that way?

(h/t to Jenny @ http://www.mamanash.com/ for blogging about baby. Also, check out this website http://www.adventuresinbabywearing.com for more information about baby wearing and the baby wearing Call to Action. You can also check out the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance online and at Facebook, for those who Facebook. )

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  1. So…I haven’t been reading many blogs lately, and apparently, I had a LOT to catch up on with yours! Which is nice, considering I am up late with a wide-eyed Vincent. Anyway, thoughts on this and previous posts:
    Babywearing-LOVE IT. I never had extra money to buy a sling, though I really, really wanted to. I have an old, ugly, but functional, cheap Snugli from Walmart that was given to me when I was expecting Chiara. Only problem is once the baby hits about 9mos, they don’t fit anymore. sad.
    Karol sleepwalking-totally reminds me of Zeke. He does it quite a bit. gets it from his daddy, who also sleeptalks.
    Tagged-look for my posted answers soon.
    Nursing-totally feel for ya. I hope you are still ble to hang in there with Benedict. I’ve never seemed to be able to pump anything extra. I ‘ve always nursed while at home, but while I am at work, Justin has to give formula as I have never had an overabundnce of milk. I’m happy that I’ve always been able to nurse through the first year, but sad that all of my kids have also had to have formula. Well, except Zeke, who refused to take a bottle…whole other story, and I’ve already written a novel in the comments as it is!

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