Southern Living

A few comments about living in The South.

First, today, I had a conversation with our pest control guy. About cockroaches. Where do I live? We have a few a month and I could bleach every night and we would still see them from time to time. Last week, we had dinner and a movie. Margaret screamed “Cockroach!” and flew (yes flew) from the floor to the recliner. (I ran to the dining room.) Joshua was a man and dealt with the situation. I told the pest control guy about this and he said they were trying to get away from the rain…and that cockroaches in the south are no different than having crickets.

Yeah, but crickets aren’t creepy looking!

Second, last night we were listening to the Wings game and man, what sort of accent do you Michiganders have? I am a native and I swear I don’t sound like that. Okay, maybe I do, but seriously, last night, the announcers and the commercials were very, uh, accented. Also, Wings, let’s aim for a win next time.

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