Monday Update

The past few weeks (basically with the time change) we’ve been really good about getting up with time for Joshua to enjoy breakfast with us and for him to get in a reading lesson with Margaret. It’s really nice, actually, because he usually does that in the evening, and it takes up a lot of evening time, which goes by quickly as it is.

This morning, still being in recovery mode, Joshua slept in late and we didn’t roll out of bed until 730. (Well, he did, I stayed in bed, playing with Benedict and Caecilia who came to snuggle). That put us behind a bit, so breakfast wasn’t done until 9:00 and school didn’t start until 930. Since I had a craft project for Caecilia and Benedict, things weren’t as “smooth” as they usually are, so schoolwork did not end until 1130.

On the bright side, Karol did a weeks worth of English, which is good, because he’s behind in the subject (anyone else have a kid who knows the work, but fights the doing of it?) I don’t want to have to do school work on Friday and want to have a break from the O Antiphons through Christmas.

In addition to a normal things I needed (and still need) to do around here, I also needed to go to the dry cleaners to drop off my winter coat (I get to use it this winter! I’m going somewhere cold in December.) and pick up a veggie for Thanksgiving Day, I managed to forget one! So, I loaded up the kids and headed to town. That sucks the life out of me. (Midday outings that is, I don’t know why but they do.)

Now I am resting a bit, with my feet up, then I will clean some more. I know this how was scoured yesterday, but laundry needs to be attended too. And my living room has a smell, and I can’t figure out what it is.



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