Wakulla Springs

Last weekend, (the 17th) we went to Wakulla Springs State Park south of Tallahassee.  Our plans started when we were looking for something to do on a weekend that had forecast-ed highs in the 70s. At first I had this awesome plan to go to Daytona Beach, then to Canaveral National Sea Shore . This would have involved an overnight stay, all of which could have been done cheaply, but in the end, we decided to make it a day trip and looked for local things instead.

Joshua had heard a story about the Springs in Florida last month on NPR and was excited to try one out. I was skeptical, but agreed to go. I was mostly skeptical because my experience is that swimming in rivers and inland lakes is just gross. (Murky bottoms, slimy rocks, seaweeds.)

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they were! Clean, clear, and cool. There were lots of people there, but once you got to past the shore line, there was a lot of room to spread out. There was also shaded areas in the water, so the sun wasn’t that horrible either.  At Wakulla Springs they also had a boat tour, which was pretty cool, we even got to see manatees in the wild!

Here are a few pictures of our boat tour (no manatees though, we enjoyed those screen free):


Birds and Turtles Sunning in the River
Birds and Turtles Sunning in the River


Cypress Trees
Cypress Trees


Spanish Moss on the Trees
Scholastica, the Happy Baby


Scholastica's favorite face to make.
Scholastica’s favorite face to make.




Look at how long that is!
Look at how long that is!
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  1. Thank you for the wonderful story. I’m glad you had a great experience. I hope you will visit Wakulla again. We are blessed with so much to explore and enjoy. If I can be of assistance to you, just let me know.

    Ralph Thomas
    Wakulla County Commissioner
    (850) 597-3858

  2. I am glad that you visited the beautiful Wakulla River and found it clear and with a lot of wildlife to enjoy. We are desperately trying to keep our community this beautiful for future generations to enjoy, however, our county commissioners want to do away with our local protections of wetlands, which will endanger the water quality and the wildlife viewing that you so enjoyed. This is a page on facebook where you can learn more about the harm that could befall us. https://www.facebook.com/SaveWakullaWetlands
    I am glad you got to enjoy our Wakulla as it is today.

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