The Helpful Benedict

This morning I had Caecilia gather all the laundry from upstairs that had not made it to the hamper, the I had Margaret bring it down. Once the hamper made it to the main floor and slowly made its way to the laundry room (my kids think the bottom of the stairs is the ending spot for the chore), Benedict asked if he could move laundry from the washer to the dryer. Of course my dear son, help away.

About five minutes later I went to the laundry room to start the load that had been brought down and discovered that not only had Benedict taken the stuff out of the dryer, moved the washed clothes to the dryer, but he also loaded the washer and put the soap in. He was just waiting for me to help him put the vinegar in. When that was done and he turned everything on, he took the clean clothes out to the living room for me. This kid is hired!

I shouldn’t be surprised though, this is the kid who comes running when the dishwasher is opened so he can put away the silverware and loves to help set the table for dinner. I think the part I was blown away by was the fact that he had the perfect amount of laundry soap in the dispenser.

Thanks Benedict!!

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